Green technology, defined as environmentally friendly technology, covers environmental protection, reducing negative environmental impact, efficient use of resources and sustainability, and active use of recycling processes.

Enzymes are an important application area of green technology in terms of both the production process and the product. In the most general terms, the industrial use of enzymes can be defined as the process of returning what is obtained from nature to nature in the most harmless way with an intelligent design.

With the use of enzymes in industries;

- Less dangerous / toxic chemicals are used.

- Less water is used.

- Environmental impact is reduced by easing the harsh application conditions of chemicals.

- Energy obtained largely from fossil sources, less is used.

- Less unwanted by-products and waste.

- Chemicals are easily replaced by products that degrade in nature and can be reused.

- Environmentally sustainable and renewable industrial processes emerge.


Enzymes, which change and develop thanks to modern biotechnology, evolve over time according to the different needs of different sectors. In this process, while the application areas of existing enzymes expand, new enzymes create new application areas for themselves. Enzymes, whose use has become widespread in recent years, are making important touches to many sectors today. As enzymes find use in industries and meet the needs, the demand for them is increasing every year.

In the future, enzymes will continue to create an environmentally friendly, clean alternative to existing chemical processes and will compete seriously with them. With the more efficient use of enzymes in the sectors, costs will decrease and product properties will improve significantly.

In industrial enzyme production, the complex biochemical processes carried out by microorganisms in their natural environment with fermentation technology are repeated with renewable and sustainable resources (raw materials) under controlled conditions. Enzymes obtained from microorganisms by this method are used in industries, similarly to imitation of natural processes.