What is Enzyme?
Enzymes are protein-based biological catalysts that increase the rate of chemical reactions in living organisms. All living organisms in the universe produce enzymes and use them skillfully in their own biochemical processes. Just like the enzymes in our stomach break down food. There are micro-environmental conditions such as temperature and pH required for enzymes to function properly, and the substrate (raw material) on which each enzyme acts is largely unique in a way that does not cause any chaos in the micro world.
Why Are Industrial Enzymes Important?

Due to its contribution to the environment, human health and sustainable economy, the importance and necessity of industrial enzymes in daily life is becoming more evident day by day. Today, enzymes are used as a more environmentally friendly and easy-to-apply alternative to chemicals in a wide spectrum of sectors ranging from food industry to detergents, from textile sector to feed industry. Enzymes, which are prepared for industrial production by modern biotechnological methods, are mostly used in the starch, bakery, dairy, brewery and fruit juice industries in the food industry. It is also used in many areas such as the detergent industry, textile, leather, paper, feed industries, biofuel production and personal care industry.

Due to the fact that chemical reactions in the industry take place at high temperatures and under pressure, in harsh conditions such as highly acidic or alkaline, the environmental impact of production increases, while investment and operating costs also increase.

The main benefits of using enzymes in industry are;

Energy efficiency and decrease in cost,
Reducing the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment,

Less water consumption
and reducing the emergence of unwanted by-products by providing better control over the production process.

urthermore, thanks to enzymes, the desired color, taste, smell, texture and shelf life of the products offered to the end user are provided naturally, and thus a product with high added value is obtained.

Use of Industrial Enzymes

Enzymes are used uniquely according to the needs of each industry and sector and are optimized according to the needs of the process.

As LIVZYM Biyoteknoloji Ar-Ge San. ve Tic. A.Ş., we imitate natural biochemical processes with modern biotechnology methods while using enzymes in industry. The enzymes used specifically are added to the final product desired to be obtained in very small amounts compared to the substrate (raw material) that is desired to act, and generally requires easy-to-apply conditions in the process.
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