"Enzymes for a prosperous future"

Founded in 2014 by Dr.Serdar Uysal and his investor partners, LIVZYM Biotechnology;

It produces Turkey's first and only domestic industrial enzymes with its strong R&D infrastructure, global know-how competence and an all-Turkish team who are experts in their fields.

With each passing day, we are becoming the choice of more and more organizations in the bakery products sector with our enzymes, which need less chemicals and are used to achieve a beautiful appearance and world-class product quality.
We offer top-notch solutions with our enzymes that facilitate the optimization of the products obtained in the starch industry, increase product efficiency and profitability.
The use of feed in livestock directly affects the growth rate and yield of animals. Therefore, the rate of benefit obtained by animals from feed should be at the highest level in order to gain high yields and protect the animals’ health.
With our enzymes that are produced specifically for the dairy industry, we make the production processes more efficient, safer and higher quality, and we ensure that the obtained products possess the international quality standards.
We not only provide a more sustainable production process, but also contribute to a cleaner environment with the enzymes we produce to replace the chemicals in the cleaning products that have an important place in our lives.
We contribute to a sustainable world and a cleaner environment by producing enzymes that have the same function as chemicals used in the textile and leather industry.
We contribute to a sustainable world and a cleaner environment by producing enzymes that have the same function as chemicals used in the textile and leather industry.
We continue adding value to life with our enzymes that enable fiberization, increase efficiency in production and ensure standardization in the field of sanitary papers.

Dr. Serdar Uysal


Dr. Serdar Uysal, the founder of LIVYZM Biotechnologies, performed scientific studies at various and prestigious universities for 13 years in the USA where he went following his undergraduate education at İTÜ. Uysal, who studied for his doctorate in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Chicago after his education at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), continued his research at Harvard University for six years in the capacity of a postdoctoral researcher.

Having worked in the same period on the "production of synthetic antibodies", which is a technology that has a scope of applications on various diseases and cancer in particular, Uysal pioneered studies in the field of protein production and purification by recombinant means, which forms the basis of vaccine, protein and pharmaceutical group protein-based drug studies. Being the founder of LIVZYM Biotechnologies, the first and only domestic enzyme producer of Turkey, Dr. Serdar Uysal also carried out the organization of the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Institute of Bezmialem University with the aim of giving a fresh impetus to the concept of the institute to facilitate reverse brain drain.


Founded by Dr. Serdar Uysal and his investing partners in 2014, LIVZYM Biotechnologies carries out Türkiye's first and only domestic industrial enzyme production using modern biotechnological methods. This is enabled by its strong R&D infrastructure, deep technical know-how, and team of experts. Today, LIVZYM is one of the few companies in the world, which possesses core competency in four critical areas such as; developing microorganisms for large-scale production (fermentation) with the use of molecular biology and genetics (strain development), establishing the production/fermentation processes (process development), implementing these manufacturing/fermentation processes on an industrial scale (process scale-up), and designing and building the units that comprise the manufacturing facility (engineering solutions). As the very first industrial enzyme producer within a wide region that includes the Middle East, North Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (including Russia), LIVZYM produces high-quality enzymes, to meet the needs of its customers across a wide range of industries.

Enzymes are used across a wide variety of sectors including textile, paper, food, animal feed, biofuel-, detergent, and medicine. Especially during the COVID-19 period, the future of food and agriculture has gained critical importance in regard to environmental sustainability. Developments that may disrupt international trade and global supply chains have once again revealed the importance of domestic production for national self-sufficiency capabilities of countries. Consequently, focusing primarily on the food and animal feed sectors, LIVZYM offers sustainable solutions with its industrial enzymes —more eco-friendly alternatives compared to their chemical counterparts.

Furthermore, with its team of experts with the academic/theoretical background and experience much needed by the biotechnology ecosystem, LIVZYM conducts its manufacturing operations in compliance with the rules of international regulatory bodies such as EFSA and FDA. With its factory infrastructure that can be used for the sustainable manufacture of other products such as alternative proteins, probiotics, amino acids, and vitamins, LIVZYM’s presence as a "Biotechnology Hub" positions Türkiye as an enzyme-exporting country in the region. LIVZYM conducts its operations with a view to develop and expand the industrial enzyme and biotechnology markets in its operating regions.

21 March 2022
LIVZYM now produces the cheese enzyme that cheese producers import and use in production in our country.
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